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Preventive care -  beyond the basics

Each wellness appointment is an opportunity to assess and discuss: 

  • complete physical exam findings

  • nutrition  

  • parasite prevention

  • vaccines

  • behavior screening/questions

  • early detection laboratory screening

  • cancer screening options

  • breed specific concerns

In order to allow ample time to discuss your pet, we have recently extended the length of our wellness care appointments. 

Big Cat with Bandana

What vaccines should my pet receive?

Vaccination recommendations are based on your pet's age, medical history, and lifestyle. Vaccines are divided into "core" and "non-core" groups. Core vaccines are those that every dog or cat should receive regardless of their lifestyle while non-core vaccines are given only to those that are at risk. Our veterinarians recommend following the American Animal Hospital Association Lifestage Guidelines regarding wellness care (links below). We will be happy to discuss what care is appropriate for your pet at your next wellness visit! 

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