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Surgical services

We offer a variety of surgical services for your pets including spays/neuters, mass removals, and many other soft tissue procedures. In addition, we are able to provide more complex soft tissue and orthopedic surgical procedures in our hospital through a partnership with Dr. Brian Heiser, a mobile board-certified small animal surgeon.


We know that one of the biggest concerns family members have for their pet prior to surgery is anesthesia. In order to ensure your pet is a good candidate for anesthesia, we will schedule a preoperative physical exam and perform preanesthetic blood testing to assess internal organ function and blood cell counts. If your pet has an underlying medical concern, such as a heart murmur, we may recommend other testing prior to anesthesia so that we can effectively tailor your pet's anesthesia protocol for their specific needs.

During the preoperative visit, we will discuss questions you might have about the procedure, post-operative care, and any risks that you should be aware of regarding the planned procedure. We typically will send home medication to be given before surgery that will help to improve your pet's surgery experience. This will typically include a dose of anti-nausea medication and may include anti-anxiety medication as well. We will also provide you with an estimate of the expected costs.


​On the day of surgery, your pet will arrive in the morning and will go home that afternoon. If your pet has undergone an emergency procedure that requires ongoing overnight care, we will arrange for you to transfer their care to one of our local 24-hour hospitals at the time of discharge. 

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