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Pet Dental Health

You don't have to live with doggy breath!

Let's work together to make sure your pet has a healthy, pain-free mouth that won't make you want to dodge their kisses! 


Prior to the dental cleaning, we will perform a general physical exam, including an initial assessment of the mouth, and laboratory testing that is appropriate for your pet. This helps to be sure that your pet is in a good position to move forward with anesthesia and the dental procedure. 

Once under anesthesia, we will perform radiographs

(x-rays) of your pet's entire mouth as well as a thorough evaluation of each tooth to identify any problems that need care. Our team will communicate this information with you during the procedure as well as the recommendations for treatment and the associated costs. In many cases, the additional necessary treatment to give your pet a healthy, pain free mouth can be provided that same day. 

A girl and her dog

Let's look at what to expect with a dental cleaning

Next steps: Dental care at home

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