A healthy pet needs a healthy mouth

Don't be fooled into thinking that you have to live with "doggy breath". We can work together to make sure your pet has a healthy, pain-free mouth that won't make you want to dodge their kisses! 


Every dental cleaning involves:

  • Pre-anesthesia laboratory testing

  • General anesthesia tailored for your pet with IV fluids to support hydration and maintenance of normal blood pressure

  • A thorough evaluation of each tooth 

  • Full mouth radiographs to find any hidden problems

  • Professional scaling and polishing of all teeth

  • Instructions to help you maintain your pet's oral health at home. 

Unfortunately, it is very common to find teeth that are too diseased to be saved during these procedures. Our team will communicate the findings of the oral exam and radiographs (x-rays) to you during the procedure as well as the recommendations for treatment and the associated costs. In many cases, the additional necessary treatment to give your pet a healthy, pain free mouth can be provided in the same anesthesia. 

A girl and her dog