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Fear Free Resource Library

Before Your Visit 

Did you know that a positive veterinary visit experience begins before you have even left home? Check out these articles for ways to help increase your pet's comfort and safety on the way in to the clinic. 

Fear Free Visit

Once you have arrived at the hospital, we will continue to keep your pet's comfort as a top priority. These links will help you know what to expect from a Fear Free visit. They may also help prepare you to share insights you have regarding your pet's individual needs and preferences. 

Home & Beyond

Making the transition back home after a visit can sometimes require some special consideration. Depending on the reason for your pet's visit, you may also have some medications or treatments to give at home. You can find resources to help with that here! 

Puppy 101

Looking to build a good foundation with your new puppy? Check out these great articles!

kittens 101

Think kittens don't need training? Think again! Take a look at what you can do now to set them up for a lifetime of good behavior.

newly adopted pets

Congratulations on adopting an adult pet! Here are some resources that may help your new friend adjust to life in your home. 

problem behaviors

Is something getting in the way of your pet living their best life? The solution you are looking for may be here!

Looking for more great Fear Free content? 

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