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The Client Service Team

Rikki L.

Since November 2020

At just 19 years old, I accepted my first job as a veterinary receptionist. I had always known I loved animals, but this field is SO much more than I expected! My goal every day is for our clients to be heard, their fur babies to receive the best care we can offer, and for my fellow co-workers to feel supported by me! Once I realized how this role allowed me to advocate for a better quality of life for animals and their families, I knew veterinary medicine was my home.

On July 31st, 2013, my life was changed when I met my Bleubelle. I had just lost my family Shepherd at 13 years old and I was terrified to have my own pup. Despite my fears, Bleubelle came home with me and she is the best thing in my life! 

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family. My mother, Mama Shell (as everyone knows her), is my favorite person.  I also love playing with makeup, camping and reading. If those activities can be combined, even better! 


Tyler S.

Since November 2020

I decided to pursue veterinary medicine after growing up with a loving single mother who has the biggest heart for animals of all kinds. She is a veterinary technician and taught me many lessons in animal care (no bias at all, but she's the best). 

When we first meet, I promise you are as important as the pets you bring in but I REALLY WANNA SAY HI TO THEM. I love to ask how your "doggos" and "floofs" are feeling because I am passionate about making their experience as positive as possible. 

I love the team here at Willow Tree Animal Hospital. It feels empowering to work with a group of team members that have the hearts to heal, the minds to think, and the determination to change what veterinary medicine means to the people and pets in our community. 

Currently my household includes my two kitties and my best friend in the whole world, Bristol, the Australian Shepherd. Other than that, my life is fairly simplistic. I enjoy a lot of nerdy things (games, books, random pop culture & history facts) and am a pretty decent billiards player. 

Tiffany H.

Since September 2021

Tiffany was new to veterinary medicine when she joined our team. She has always loved animals and is happy to be able to work with them every day. She enjoys being able to say "Hi" not only to our clients but their pets as well. She is grateful for a job that allows her to help provide a voice for our patients and a listening ear for their families. 

Tiffany has four pets of her own including two Pit Bulls, Bullitt and Boss, and two cats, Bandit and Jax. Tiffany's dogs are her whole world and she is happy to be "that Pit Bull Mom" who puts them in their Jammies. Bullitt is 7 years old and is always ready for nap time. Boss is a 2 year old rescue that loves play time and snacks. Bandit, now 16 years old, is world traveler! He was adopted at just 8 weeks old from Rota, Spain by her boyfriend Tyler while he was stationed there. Jax is 9 years old and only deems his mama worthy of his attention. Otherwise, he can be found bird watching from the windows. 

Tiffany is truly passionate about her work and she is looking forward to seeing you and your pets! 

Breanna H.

Since April 2022

Bree joined our team after her recent move to Washington. She grew up on a small farm with a variety of animals, large and small. Bree has always known that she belonged somewhere in the veterinary world and has found that the front desk is the best fit. She really enjoys making sure that your visits with us go as smoothly as possible. 

Bree graduated high school in 2016 and had been a very active member of FFA. After many different jobs and adventures in Southern Oregon, she moved to Port Orchard for a change of pace.


In her free time Bree can be found hiking or being crafty.  

Golden Retriever

Katie P.

Since September 2022

Bio coming soon!

Julia S.

Since January 2023

Bio coming soon!

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